20 Day Cleanse – R5 900 (R295 per day)

Ready to get serious about your health? Sign up for our extended 20 Day Cleanses and get ready to experience a real shift in your relationship with food, your mindset, and your body.

Your daily pack will include

  • 1 health shot
  • 1 green juice
  • 1 bright / root juice
  • 1 superfood enriched smoothie
  • Vegan Broth / Soup
  • 2 herbal teabags

You’ll also be sent links to a variety of useful resources including online yoga, meditations, affirmations and videos…

If you have any specific health conditions or dietary requirements e.g.: Type 2 Diabetes, gluten or dairy intolerances, banting, pregnancy, breast feeding, cancer treatment etc please contact Joy to discuss before booking.

If you have any questions, whatsapp Joy on 071 4711226 to discuss, or go ahead and book right now.

20 Day Cleanse
Ready to get serious about your health?
Sign up for one of our monthly 20 Day Cleanses

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