At FaithJuice our mantra is balance in all things… and that includes balancing our daily juice intake with a hot cup of The Best Coffee in Cape Town roasted right across the path from us at The Village Roast. Guy and his team are the best antidote to a bad mood that I know – from the friendly greeting of ‘Hello Sausage!’ and a bear hug from the man himself, to his smiley, beautiful team behind the counter, and of course he plays all the old school classics at full volume – every day feels like a Friday at The Roast.


Needless to say the coffee is aah-mazing. But did you know… 


Coffee (good coffee, in moderation) is seriously good for you! It can help prevent liver disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s, helps lower the metabolism, and enhances brain function.   Many of the nutrients in the coffee beans do make it into the final drink, which actually contains a decent amount of vitamins and minerals.


A cup of coffee contains a massive amount of antioxidants as well as

  • 6% of the RDA for vitamin B5
  • 11% of the RDA for vitamin B2
  • 2% of the RDA for  vitamins B3) and B1.
  • 3% of the RDA for Potassium and Manganese.

Drink a few cups of coffee per day and this quickly adds up!


So, see ya’ll at The Village Roast!


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