FaithJuice’s Healthy Lifestyle Tips #1


Starting today we’re posting a series of 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to the FaithJuice blog – feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below (or to agree or disagree with ours 🙂 )


Here’s Numero Uno…

Consume food consciously…

We eat so often because of boredom and habit but food should be one of life’s greatest pleasures and a source of living nutrition. Start thinking about each thing you eat, from sugary breakfast cereals to that Mars Bar in the aisle at Food Lovers (that was me yesterday) because you forgot lunch, and you just might start making healthier choices. Good food also tastes better if you eat slowly, and it’s better for your digestive system too.

If you take part in a FaithJuice Juice Cleanse you’ll find one of the biggest benefits is how much more aware you become of what you choose to eat and drink each day – mostly by noticing how often you find yourself wandering over to the fridge through the day. 

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