Earlier this month we hosted a demonstration by Arlo and Sarchen of Natural Gardening Principles on how to supercharge your soil.



Sarchen gave a fascinating talk on among other things


⦁ The way plants communicate with each other – even kms away!
⦁ The immune system of plants (tbh I didn’t know they had one…)
⦁ The neccessity of healthy soil for heathy plants
⦁ How to turn pretty much any soil into Supercharged soil
⦁ How healthy soil and good gardening principles cut the need for chemical fertilisers, additional plant foods, and pesticides
⦁ How this method is ideal for water wise gardening as the soil holds onto the moisture for months



Then Arlo demonstrated the process in our own Greencube planter boxes.
In a couple of weeks when the soil is ready he will be back to plant some leafy greens and herbs in our planters and we’ll soon be able to add them to our delicious raw juices, picked straight from our own juice garden!


To find out more about Supercharging your own soil visit Natural Gardening Principles.


And do stop by to see how our garden grows in the weeks and months ahead (and get some immune boosting, liver cleansing raw juices while you’re at it 😉