Yvette and Gert are an active Noordhoek couple with a young family, and as well as getting raw juices and smoothies from FaithJuice most days, they participate in our Juice Cleanse Programme every month. Last year they did the 5 Day and this year they’ve opted for the 3 Day.


We asked them to share their experience with us.


How long have you been Cleansing regularly with faithjuice?
GERT: A year now, I think πŸ™‚
YVETTE: Since May 2016 – once a month.


What motivated you to do regular Cleanses?
GERT: To be healthier and not neccesarily always to cleanse but as a supplement.
YVETTE: A huge shift in energy and decreased lower back pain, for the first time in months, after the first cleanse.


What has been the hardest part of regular Cleanses for each of you?
GERT: When trying to give all addictions a rest, like coffee, bread etc.
YVETTE: Doing 5 days regularly was quite challenging. 3 day cleanse is more manageable. I have now reach a point where I am looking forward to the next cleanse, the short break from food and energy boost.


What (if any) ‘detox symptoms’ do you experience regularly?
GERT: Headache, mostly the caffiene, and have had a migraine, but thats because of exercising too hard after only having had one juice.
YVETTE: Headache!


What is the best part of Cleansing as a couple?
GERT: Great motivation!
YVETTE: I tried adding one day a week without Gert and definitely found it harder. Some months one of us is more motivated to stick to the cleanse which helps the other person but generally we will eat / drink what we want if we do not feel like doing a 100% juice cleanse.


Are you stricter with the programme some months more than others? How do you ‘cheat’ πŸ™‚
GERT: Yep, its much easier these days. Not really a problem to keep with the program. Sometimes I lack enough energy when we go climbing but then I eat healthy if I must. I like having a couple of slices seed loaf with the soup.
YVETTE: I have only done a 100% juice fast once or twice. Rest of the time I see it as a break from food (β€œmostly”) and use it as motivation to eat more healthy the rest of the month. I try to do one of the 3/5 days and let the other days β€œbe”. I cheat by not giving up coffee and snack on Santa Annas corn chips (Pre-menstrual week cravings!)


What is the hardest thing to give up during the Cleanse?
GERT: Wine, chocolate, coffee …. but worth it, since everything tastes better after.
YVETTE: Coffee


What are the key benefits you experience from participating regularly in our programme?
GERT: Really feel healthy. Am lighter so climb better. Its a great motivation for eating better and makes you feel less inclined to eat junk since its easier to hear what your body says. And to exercise more control over addictions.
YVETTE: It has helped and is still helping me to slowly change my eating habits and stick to healthier food. Most days I will buy a juice and smoothie and have now started to do my own once / twice a week. More energy. Slowly lost most of the excess weight after having my baby.


Do you eat quite healthily the rest of the month? Has Cleansing monthly made you make healthier food choices in general?
YVETTE: Yes, but I do not cut out any food – I eat a balanced diet. Usually 2 meals a day. Definitely helped me to change my morning (coffee and croissant) choices to a more healthier food choice (now mostly juice, smoothie and then a coffee πŸ™‚ )


How do you handle feeding your family while Cleansing? Is it hard to prepare their food when you’re just having juice or soup?
GERT: Nope not really, I find the 3 day fast is easier to cope with.
YVETTE: My children eats 70-80% raw food. And mostly healthy. I am usually hungry 4-5pm in the afternoon when I prepare their food which makes it quite difficult to not snack (especially since their food is mostly raw – fruits & vegetables). If I am really hungry I eat some nuts, an avocado, rice cakes or have my soup a bit earlier. I found it also helpful to make an additional smoothie which I share with the children while they are having dinner.


If you’d like to enjoy some of these benefits for your self, book a Juice Cleanse today!