You may not know, but unlike some of the bigger companies offering juice cleanses in Cape Town, FaithJuice caters for clients with a variety of health concerns as well as those on specific eating plans.


Our standard Cleanse comprises 4 juices and 1 smoothie, a superfood shot, and 2 organic herbal teabags each day.
We can adjust this basic plan to suit those with Type 2 Diabetes, those on a Candida diet, vegans or those with dairy intolerances, and even Banting enthusiasts.



Obviously the juices will taste quite different for these clients – Candida, Diabetic and Banting juices are mostly fruit free. Our use of nut milks, coconut water and dates means vegan clients are well catered for.
We can also take into account individual’s taste preferences so if you hate cilantro or banana etc we’ll sort you out with equally healthy and tasty alternatives.



Some feedback from two speciality clients…



A Type 2 Diabetic client who uses our service regularly wrote
Thank you Joy for delivering your juices to our home. It keeps us from temptation while shopping and it helps us persevering for 5 days!
I usually start my juice detox with a one day fast. I have observed that my sugar level decreases after the 3rd day of juices and if I carry on longer, I can even reduce my intake of glucophage . Both my husband and I lose about 3kgs during our week detox.
Your juices are simply delicious, Joy and we feel great during the cleansing.
We are very lucky to have you at our doorstep! We appreciate your constant effort in making a variety of tastes in your detox programme! Thanks again!



A Banting devotee wrote
‘Thank you so much! You have honestly saved my life!! Thank you for making the juices and smoothies according to my fussy specifications, and for making them so so delicious!! I just had the banana/cinnamon one now and it was to die for!”