FaithJuice Cleanse Programme

Are you looking for a simple, fresh, balanced and varied Cleanse experience? You’ve found it! Our Juice & Smoothie Based Cleanses for 2022 are now available.! Check out our options below and if you have any questions, whatsapp Joy on 071 4711226 to discuss, or go ahead and book right now.

If you have any specific health conditions or dietary requirements eg: Type 2 Diabetes, gluten or dairy intolerances, banting, pregnancy, breast feeding, cancer treatment etc please contact Joy to discuss before booking.

Remember – your body detoxes naturally – it’s made that way! We simply assist the process through our Cleanses.

Please note:

Classic Cleanses must be booked by 11 am the day before your preferred start date

FaithJuice Deep Cleanse Colonics, Juicing & Liver Flush! Available from July 2021, subject to appointment availability for colonic hydrotherapy sessions

20 Day Cleanse is offered on set dates each month only. You can pay 50% up front and 50% on Day 10 of this cleanse if preferred.

We make your Cleanses fresh, not frozen. All cleanses must be collected daily from FaithJuice in Noordhoek or Fish Hoek – no bulk collections. Please select your preferred collection times on the form.

We have implemented  a R100 refundable bottle deposit to ensure the return of our Cleanse bottles (we are a low waste company, so we re-use all our glass containers) Please bring this with you on your first day. Please bring your own cooler bag when collecting your daily pack, and return the previous day’s bottles and lids when collecting each day.

Select your cleanse: