A little bit about Cleansing and Detoxing…

Heads up! You don’t need a cleanse or fast or special diet to detox! That’s because our bodies are designed to detox themselves, and do so, every day. On our Cleanse, what you’re actually doing is supporting your body’s own process of detoxifying itself.

The FaithJuice Cleanse Programme

Our Standard Cleanse comprises 4 juices and 1 smoothie, a superfood shot, and 2 organic herbal tea bags each day. We can adjust this basic plan to suit those with Type 2 DiabetesCandida or Adrenal Fatigue issues, vegans, those with dairy and wheat intolerances, women in any stage of life looking for Hormone Balancing, and even Banting enthusiasts.  A Tailor Made cleanse refers to requests for any 2 or more changes in ingredients used for your Cleanse or any specific juices requested, whether for preference of allergy / dietary reasons.


When booking you can select your preferred Cleanse. Bear in mind that your choice will alter the taste of the juices and smoothies quite significantly.

So what are commonly called ‘detox symptoms’, while real, are really just your body adjusting to some quite sudden changes – it’s wondering where the hell its morning flat white is and why so much crazy green juice is zooting around its veins. The one exception is the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache which is in fact a detox symptom.

At least half of the benefit of the Cleanse is what you’re NOT consuming – eg caffeine, sucrose, dairy (with the possible exception of bio yoghurt and kefir for non-vegans), gluten, and the many additives found in that much of our standard diet. The other 50% is the huge boost of vitamins and micronutrients you’ll be getting in your juices over these days. For most of us not on a fully raw food diet, this juicing thing is pretty drastic. We’re used to our standard fare, so it’s not surprising that you’re experiencing some symptoms – it’d be weird if you had none.

PS: To maintain any weight loss you experience on the 3 or 5 Day, you will need to continue to eat healthily or better yet replace one meal a day with a juice going forward.

1 Day Cleanse

This is a great way to recover from a big weekend, and also a popular choice for those who have completed a longer 3 or 5 Day Cleanse and want to have one day of juices weekly for a month, or on-going.

2 Day Cleanse

A good starter-Cleanse for newbies, or great to book a set of 4 of these in a month for ‘interval fasting’ where you Cleanse 2 days each week and eat healthy meals the rest of the week (and party on the weekends if ya like).

3 Day Cleanse

A challenging but worthwhile break from caffeine, alcohol, refined and processed foods, food additives, wheat, meat and (most) dairy, plus an injection of loads of vitamins, phytonutrients.

5 Day Cleanse

Our longest Cleanse, the 5 Day takes a significant amount of determination but the results are so worth it!. While weight loss isn’t the main aim, you may lose an average of 3 kgs over the 5 days if you stick firmly to the plan, work out daily and don’t sneak snacks…

What you get in your FaithJuice raw cleanses

1 Day Cleanse

1 cleansing breakfast juice 2 green juices (with or without a little fruit: your choice) 1 sweeter veg & fruit juice 1 smoothie containing good fats, superfoods and or fibre. PLUS 1 free apple & ginger shot and 2 free organic herbal tea bags.

2 Day Cleanse

2 cleansing breakfast juices 4 green juices (with or without a little fruit 0 your choice) 2 sweeter veg & fruit juices 2 smoothies containing good fats, superfoods and or fibre. PLUS 2 free apple & ginger shot and 4 free organic herbal tea bags.

3 Day Cleanse

3 cleansing breakfast juices 6 green juices (with or without a little fruit 0 your choice) 3 sweeter veg & fruit juices 3 smoothies containing good fats, superfoods and or fibre. PLUS 3 free apple & ginger shot and 6 free organic herbal tea bags.

5 Day Cleanse

5 cleansing breakfast juices 10 green juices (with or without a little fruit: your choice) 5 sweeter veg & fruit juices 5 smoothies containing good fats, superfoods and or fibre. PLUS 5 free apple & ginger shot and 10 free organic herbal tea bags.

Juice & Soup Cleanse

Through the cooler months (May to August) we offer a detox soup to replace the smoothie in our Cleanse Programme. When Cleansing, the absence of carbs can lead to a lower core body temperature – which is why soup is a lovely nourishing addition to the menu in winter.

You can still choose the Juice & Smoothie option but it’s a hell of a lot easier to Cleanse on cold days when you have a yummy soup at supper to warm your soul.

Our detox soups are also really yummy – they are all vegan friendly and contain ingredients such as butternut, broccoli, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, fresh herbs, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, apple cider vinegar, beans and lentils. We use almond milk, vegetable broth and coconut milk too.

To book, select the Cleanse of your choice and choose Add Soup when completing your booking.

Please note that the soups are made in batches so we cannot tailor make these as we do juices and smoothies. As soups use more time and energy (gas / electricity) to make, there is an extra charge per day with this option.

Available weekdays. Advanced booking essential. Daily Collections only, no bulk orders.

Cleanses available weekly. Choose from 1 to 5 Days ❤️